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Veil of Ashes

Veil of Ashes is a Real Time Tactics Game designed to quickly throw you into the heat of battle using customised armies and your own playstyle.

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MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH is funding the production of the real-time tactics game Veil of Ashes![...]

Meet the Developers

We are a cooperation- and quality-oriented team who aspires to become an established game studio.
Our goal is to develop immersive games that take players into different worlds and leave a lasting impression.

Felix Schweitz
Responsible for management, communication, social media and 3D art.
Jonas Eichenlaub
UI/UX Designer
Responsible for graphic design and user interface design.
Julius Dreher
Programmer & Tech Artist
Responsible for game design, programming and technical art.
Michael Patzer
Game Designer & 3D Artist
Responsible for game design, lore and 3D art.