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About Us

The idea for the development of a real-time tactics game, which led to the founding of Greifenmaer, was born on the train. And I’ll tell you the story from then until about now – Michael, responsible for 3D art, game design and storytelling.

Our origin

Julius, the programmer of our team, and I commuted every day to our university in Offenburg (Germany). This meant not only a 20-minute walk along what I called the Path of Death, but also a train journey.

Train journeys are boring.

And so we both talked about our hobby.


And because we loved exchanging ideas for games (and films), we got talking about RTS games. We exchanged ideas about what we liked about this genre and both of us thought it was a shame that the genre had disappeared into oblivion in recent years. At the time, we thought it was impossible to develop our own game.

Small steps at a time

Nevertheless, later in our studies, we and three other fellow students haughtily ventured to develop an RTS game prototype for our term paper. Already at that time, it was immersed in a post-apocalyptic scenario and planned with the factions Portuiola and Sibirskaya. Of course, basebuilding was also a must and the map was insanely gigantic. There was also, of course, a huge selection of units.

The title?

Anthropocene Rebirth 2446.

Basically, we wanted everything. And in the end we had very little.

Playable? Not a chance. But the self-dubbed units provided a few laughs in the final presentation and although we didn’t achieve our goal, we were able to gain valuable experience.

The Breakthrough

So Julius, Felix and I joined up again for the bachelor’s thesis. This time as a team of three and with a much smaller approach. And this time we were successful. We actually developed a playable prototype. It didn’t have base building, but it did have a module editor that allowed players to place the turrets on their floating warships themselves. There was a certain amount of replay value.

The game was convincing and not only did we get an excellent grade, but we were also told that our university would soon be launching a support programme for budding founders. And that’s when the idea of founding our own development studio began to take shape. Jonas also joined our team at this time. Around a year later, we founded Greifenmaer in October 2022, and we are still working on realising our RTT game Veil of Ashes.

Efforts and Goal

As we hadn’t completed an explicit gaming degree programme, we largely had to develop our skills ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we never got any tips or support. On the contrary, it’s incredible how much help you get from other developers in the industry. Of course, it’s still not easy. Even with support, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop the necessary skills and this not only includes the odd tip or two regarding 3D art, but also setting up financial and cost plans, developing a social media strategy and much more.

We are incredibly grateful for any form of support as we are a young team always learning new things and continuing to develop. Our desire is to become an established game studio that develops immersive games that take you into different worlds and leave a lasting impression.