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Maps of Veil of Ashes: Europe

The map of Europe 170 years after the inferno. It shows the borders of various nations and the cinium-rich, uninhabitable ash deserts.

At the centre of the shown map lies the mighty Sacrum Imperium. Driven by expansionism, it is expanding both to the north and to the east. The current borders are therefore only a temporary snapshot of the changing frontlines.

The distress in which the Lohenreiche find themselves also becomes clear. The Silean Ashlands and the Swabian Desert are taking more and more habitable land from the Lohen and and threatening to split their territory in two. At the same time, the Communards invade from the west and exert additional pressure on the old order.

Within a very short time, the Communes were able to claim large parts of Western Europe for themselves, although access to the Mediterranean is blocked by the navy of the Sacrum Imperium.

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